Communication Masterclass

SCIE and REAL Communication Masterclass

 SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) is running a Communication Masterclass, a customised  Real Communication Workshop program.

This is an open course for dementia care practitioners that focuses on how to communicate more effectively with a person living with dementia.

The interactive workshop includes exercises, games, discussion and reflection in an open studio environment. The workshop techniques are designed to make it easier for professional carers to positively contribute to the quality of life of those they care for. 

This is also CPD-accredited course will give you a range of easy-to-use and effective dementia communication strategies and techniques.

Content includes:

  • Techniques to establish trust and safety to support the person and their family.
  • How the brain’s different memory systems function
  • REAL communication framework and techniques: reminiscence, empathic engagement, active listening, life story.
  • REAL approaches to working with family carers and friends to deliver a better quality of life for all.
  • REAL communication techniques for mapping a person’s life story
  • Adjusting REAL communication techniques to a person’s needs as their dementia advances
  • Understanding how feelings are at the root of communication challenges
  • Strategies for self-care.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • the deeper principles of communication that make care more meaningful
  • how to provide more relevant support to an individual living with dementia at home or in a care setting
  • how to connect more effectively with families and/or the person’s advocates
  • how to deliver better care through improved understanding and communication

The REAL framework is based on evidence gathered over a decade working with people living with dementia and their carers. Research showed that reminiscence, empathic engagement, active listening and life story are key to the wellbeing of any older person living with dementia.

When accompanied by the Senses Framework (My Home Life example here), everyone’s lives improve.

You can also learn more about SCIE’s Dementia training courses for health and care in collaboration with REAL Communication Works here

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