When Freya Moffat considered loneliness and the pandemic what did she do?

Well she evoked that sense of loneliness by making a life-size paper maché evocation of a seated older person.

She says, “He is made from cardboard delivery boxes (one of the only things from the ‘outside’ coming into the house or that we are interacting with) and the Evening Standard, papier-machéd and painted in acrylic paint.

I wanted to make him human-like and human sized but also a bit distorted or uncomfortable physically.

Photographing through a window is a way to think about silence and isolation as something that is imposed – he is muted rather than mute, the window represents this barrier to communication. I’m in the process of making some more of these life size models.

I feel what I am creating reflects a time and situation we all find ourselves in. There are many people and especially older people, passing silent hours, feeling isolation and loneliness and waiting behind windows and closed doors…”

Thank you Freya.

Freya is a young BA Fine artist and her  was recently featured on Grayson Perry’s fantastic mini-series Art Club featured on Channel 4.



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