Ten signs of dementia and ten questions you could ask yourself

Anyone might develop dementia.
Here are ten questions you could ask yourself:
1. – Are the changes you have observed in the person new?
2. – How long has the person had the symptoms?
3. – Could they normally manage their household and self-care before?
4. – Are their normal personal routines still in place?
5. – Are they forgetting appointments – or medications?
6. – Are they able to make and keep work appointments or social arrangements?
7. – Do they ever get confused as to their whereabouts?
8. – Have you noticed any differences in their dress or behaviour?
9. – Do they seem to be less motivated?
10. – Does the person seem distracted, or vague? 
If you suspect that the person has some cognitive impairment that might lead to dementia, you might consider:
• An MMSE and/or additional cognitive tests
• Reviewing the person’s medication
• Considering referring the person for neuropsychological testing or a geriatric assessment
• Assess other reversible causes/factors of memory loss: CMP, CBC, thyroid function tests, vitamin B12 & folate
• Asking the doctor to arrange an MRI scan.
Thank you to Unsplash and Evan-Dennis for the image.

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