Hilary Woodhead Tuesday Afternoon Tea with Danuta Lipinska - Sex is an activity too!

In her compassionate book, Dementia, Sex and Wellbeing, our wonderful colleague Danuta Lipinska shows that the human need for intimacy, attachment and sexual expression can be just as important for supporting the wellbeing and personhood of a person with dementia as communication and care. 
She examines the cognitive changes that occur in dementia and what they mean in the context of sexual behaviour and consent. Taking Carl Rogers’ Core Conditions and Tom Kitwood’s psychological needs of persons living with dementia as a starting point, Lipinska offers a unique model for person-centred conversations about sex and sexuality. 
In this fascinating Zoom webinar, she discusses the issues with Hilary Woodhead, Executive Director of NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) over a nice cup of tea. As she says, despite sexuality, sex and intimacy being integral parts of all our identities, they might still be considered to be the Last Taboo in dementia care, so often seen as ‘problem behaviours’ to be stopped and dealt with. Essential viewing for anyone working with people living with dementia.

With thanks to Danuta Lipinska 

About Danuta Lipinska

A passionate specialist in the understanding and care of any older person and those with dementia, successful author, counsellor, supervisor, Action Learning facilitator, trainer and International speaker.

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