Community NHS scrubs and health care workers

“Thinking this evening of all the families of health care workers who have passed during this time.

💙From heart surgeons, to nurses, porters and volunteers. The guardian reported today that as many as 88 have died of the virus whilst trying to protect others. Family members of those who have lost their lives have complained about a lack of protective equipment and testing.

As more and more bad news hits, it’s becoming clearer that the inaction of the government is costing lives. Our effort here at Scrub Hub has always been reported in the ‘good news’ sections of the press, and of course the dedication of our community teams in the face of this crisis is nothing short of amazing.

We will be sharing more in the next few days about our aims to get answers and to hold to account those responsible for the unnecessary and deadly delays we’ve witnessed.”

community NHS scrubs
Community NHS Scrubs at the Scrub Hub

This is a UK-wide network of community groups making scrubs for the NHS! However our very existence is really a symptom of a system which has failed to protect those risking their lives for us all. To order, donate or volunteer visit the website > Scrub Hub

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