This is a short story how Bridget Townsend helps a resident with dementia communicate with her husband.

Bridget is an Activity co-ordinator and Arts in health practice practitioner in Dorset.

While it is quite short and simple, it is also an inspiring and compassionate technique for stimulating connection and communication in difficult circumstances. 

“We use a range of different apps to help residents stay in touch with their loved ones. A new resident video chatted today with a man who is her husband. She didn’t recognise him and it was heartbreaking.

She would not speak to him; to resolve the lack of communication and to allow him to see she was ok I put the app to one side so he could see and hear us, and I had a conversation with her asking her what she would say to her husband if she were to see him. Dementia is cruel, this lockdown is cruel, but we can find creative ways to bring some connection between family members.

He heard her say that she loves and misses him and I hope that gave him some comfort.”

Lovely and thank you Bridget Townsend for sharing your experience.

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