TIKTOK video by a committed staff team at Danecroft Residential Care Home in Bedford.

Few would disagree, but it’s not only good physical health that is so important. Our mental, emotional, spiritual and social health are all just as vital and all are connected to and contribute to our sense of wellbeing – all part of a Virtuous Circle. At this time, the wellbeing of care home staff has never been more important. Being well plays an important role in people’s resilience, which in turn contributes to wellbeing.

Resilience is not a coping mechanism, but more an attitude to the level of control that we may or may not feel we have. In the case of COVID-19 we may feel very out of control, but there are still things we can do to improve our resilience and to help us to feel good.

At the Danecroft Residential Care Home in Bedford, rated Outstanding by the CQC, the senior staff team has a very nuanced understanding of what wellbeing means to the care team and the residents alike. An anxious, fearful staff team will have low morale and low energy and little incentive to keep going – and of course, this is likely to mean just the same for residents.

Deputy Manager Rebecca Ward and her team understand that COVID-19 is not the only thing that’s highly infectious – their general mood is, as well.

“The team wanted to re-assure residents snd their families that the staff team are feeling as good as they can. Some people just like to moan, but they’re not inside these walls”, says Rebecca, “We’ve all being feeling a bit low and one night last week woke up at 2.00 am unable to sleep. I thought, ‘death is inevitable in a home that cares for the oldest old, but the staff cannot become depressed or sad when there are 33 residents to keep healthy and cheerful’. We live it and breathe it in this home.

“We had seen TikTok videos online and the team decided we could learn and film a group dance to help reassure our families that we are doing our best to stay cheerful and committed for their loved ones. We chose a dance sequence that wasn’t too technical, practiced it 7 or 8 times and then recorded it. After it was complete, we went round the home, performing it for everyone in their rooms.”

In giving the staff something positive and uplifting to focus on, it lifted everyone’s spirits. That’s a care home that deserves an additional #ClapforCarers.

You can see another video the Danecroft Residential Home carers made here on >Facebook